Fifth Grade

FIFTH GRADE Fifth Grade is a pivotal year in which students continue to develop the responsibility they will need in the middle school Academically, we continue to foster reading, writing, math and content area skills, challenging the students to expand their abilities to their full potential. The curriculum is designed to foster student independence. In addition to the academic curriculum, students are able to participate in enrichment activities such as instrumental music, chorus, and after school activities.

General Academic Information:

Across all academic areas, study skills including organization, preparation for tests, responsibility, and management of time are emphasized.

Fifth grade students explore various topics and themes throughout the year.

Some examples are:

Literacy  Playing with Words, Insight into Cultures, America in Conflict 
Math Fluency with Whole Numbers & Decimals, Divide Whole Numbers, Multiply Fractions
Science:  The Force of Gravity, Organisms Use of Matter and Energy, Interactions in Matter
Click here to read more about the NGSS Science Standards 
Click here to read more about the Science & Engineering Practices 
Social Studies:  American Revolution, Colonies and Relations with Indigenous People
Art: Form, Texture.  Emphasis, Repetition, Unity, Proportion, Movement
Music:  Meter, Rhythm, Singing, Melody, Duration, Notation
Physical Education:    Project Adventure,  Fitness

For further information please refer to the District's Curriculum Site (under construction)

Our Fifth Grade Teams:

Mrs. Claridge & Walsh
Ms. Basher & Mr. Rawlins

Mrs. Harding & Mrs. Muckell 

Mrs. Galante & Mrs. Liquori 
Mr. Moscowitz & Irfan

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Field Trips:

  • Putnam Park 


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